We feel that learning the most effective tools for developing your customer base and increasing sale is as important as receiving proper training and quality equipment. Unique Training Institute has practiced the same marketing concepts as we present to you in our Business and Marketing Courses. These concepts have enabled us to grow from a company operating in a car parking lot with 3 workers to a company with 3 branches, 30 employees and still expanding.

Our goal is to share our marketing strategies with you and help you grow and prosper by operating your own successful auto appearance business. We can’t guarantee instant success but if you follow the basic concepts we’ll teach you, you’ll be successful in growing your business.
Retail Customers
There are many methods to develop a retail business. Some of the more popular methods are via print advertising, yellow page ads, direct mail, cable television, vehicle lettering and e-mail. However, we feel that the least expensive and often the most effective method is “word of mouth”; referrals from satisfied customers.

Over the years, we’ve found that our business has grown exponentially because a satisfied retail client will tell ten of their friends about how happy they were. This can result in a snowball effect and introduce many people to your business with a minimal amount of effort and capital.

Retail customers can include:
▪ Detail shops - Car Washes
▪ Limousine Companies - Insurance Companies
▪ Office Buildings - Parking Lots
▪ Fleet accounts - On any road or highway
Wholesale Customers
The most efficient and successful ways of generating wholesale customers is by communicating with them directly.

Wholesale customers can include:
▪ Used car Dealers - Automotive Wholesalers
▪ Body Shops - Rental Car Companies
▪ Auto Auctions - Government Agencies