All owners want to maintain the showroom beauty of their car. However, in everyday life, there are many factors that can affect its beauty: scratches, oxidation, swirl marks, overspray, paint flaws and watermarks. With our Unique Training Institute Paint Polish package which complements our SMART Paint Repair, you can now solve those problems and even earn a profit!
Operating a successful detailing business takes specific training and skills – knowledge of vehicles, automotive paint systems, detailing chemicals, auto detailing equipment, proper car detailing techniques, salesmanship, marketing and much more. This is where we come in, we can teach you all these techniques and you will be ahead of any competition when you open your own auto detailing business.  
Whether you are a long-time veteran detailer or just starting out in the car detailing industry, hands-on auto detailing training at Unique Training Institute will help you learn the skills you need to run a successful and efficient detailing operation. In addition to proper techniques and standard operating procedures for all stages of auto detailing, our instructors will also teach you the tips, tricks and secrets of professional auto detailers enabling you to work more effectively and more efficiently!  
Unique Training Institute is committed to providing the education and training needed that is critical to building a successful auto detailing business or career for today and beyond.