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I would like to introduce you to the Unique Training Institute opportunity and describe for you our company’s commitment to your success.

After 15 years of experience operating a car detailing company, we are able to provide you with quality hands-on training, business development assistance and state-of-the-art equipment. Our instructors have all been specially trained and they will be dedicated to assist you and help you succeed in our programs.

Starting 2010, we will be opening a training center in Singapore and the US to assist entrepreneurs like yourself to start their own successful automotive appearance repair businesses. Let our experience help you to succeed in your future businesses, from operating retail reconditioning facilities to servicing auto dealerships.

The following system and course catalog has been designed to offer you the same skills we have utilized to succeed in the market. It contains the equipment, training, marketing and business programs that will assist you in modeling your business from our success.

Training for a career in the automotive appearance repair business is exciting and rewarding. Every day the market grows stronger as more vehicles are being sold and there is more demand for appearance repairs. This means that there will be endless business opportunities for you once you complete our course.


Chang How
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● Control Your Future
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● Enjoy Your Increased Freedom
● Enjoy Your Career
● Earn Your Rightful Salary

After successful completion of this course, Certificate will be awarded.