The next time you’re in a parking lot, look around and notice the different types of damage you can find on cars. It is impossible to avoid minor cosmetic damage on vehicles: scuffed bumpers, paint chips, dings, dents or golf ball damage, windshield damage, a cracked dashboard, curb damaged wheels or a car in need of a professional detail. However, Unique Training Institute can help you develop the skills to repair them all.  
Unique Training Institute offers educational programs and comprehensive tool and equipment packages. Students do not need anything – just a willingness to learn and have a positive, creative and open mind. Through our multiple courses, students can elect to provide one service to their customer base, or multiple services. The rewards of focusing on a single service or offering several services to retail and wholesale clients are immeasurable.
The recent popularity of leases means that there will be hundreds of thousands of vehicles which would require damage repair or professional detailing. This is great news for the Automotive Appearance Specialist!
With Unique Training Institute’s “All-in-One” Programs, business owners come away with everything needed to capture this business.